iChineseEdu, the educational arm of Nan Hai USA, has always been actively engaged in hosting, co-hosting, sponsoring as well as participating in diverse educational events and activities to promote Chinese language education.

The tsunamic energy built up during the last few decades of unprecedented Hi-Tech advancement has already effected and are bound to bring about even more fundamental and revolutionary changes in the field of education. The focus of our events and activities will mainly concentrate on pedagogy and practices for adapting and utilizing the future environments in Chinese language education. All events and activities we provide are free of charge.

While most of events and activities such as the serial events of Happy Story-Reading Time, are solely sponsored by us and held in the auditorium/conference room of iChineseEdu office building, we also highly appreciate and welcome interested individuals or institutions to partner with us for events and activities to be held wherever need be.

Parties interested in co-hosting a Happy Story-Reading Time or any other event ideas, please contact us for details. Email: event@iChineseEdu.com Phone (408) 380-8088.

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