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The importance of integrating the teaching of language with that of culture is not only widely recognized but has become increasingly prevalent in L2 courses. However, books and articles on how to teach culture in L2 programs are relatively few and most of the available few emphasize on general theories rather than practical resources and applicable classroom instruction guidelines of “what to teach” and “how to teach” etc. In this presentation, the presenter will introduce some proven effective approaches and methods for teaching Chinese culture through real classroom case studies and examples. The audience will gain new insights on Chinese culture and culture teaching, and learn practical methods that they can readily apply to their own teaching.


Heping Xu: An associate professor of Monterey Language Institute and fruitful researcher, Mr. Xu has been teaching Chinese for three decades.  He served as the president of CLTAC for two terms and is a frequent presenter to professional conferences and workshops. His research interests include Chinese characters, syntax, second language acquisition, Chinese culture, etc.


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