Responsive Classroom: Classroom Interaction for Active Learning


Effective classroom interaction and student-centered learning have recently become mainstream practices in the field of foreign language education.  How do instructors promote and maximize classroom interactions effectively to achieve the goal of authentic peer interaction?  How do instructors maintain a continuous interaction between students and teachers?   How do instructors help students to become active learners ?  Answering these questions is critical.  The speaker will introduce a new approach to classroom practice, called the Responsive Classroom Approach (RC).  RC Approach , while student-centered, is also a research- and evidence-based approach which consists of practical strategies for helping students build academic and social-emotional competencies. These strategies, such as effective modeling, scaffolding instruction, declarative sentences and community building, apply very well to teaching Chinese as a second language.  Partnering the RC approach with other language teaching techniques is a systematic way to conduct classroom interactions in a structured and joyful environment.  The speaker not only will explain the steps of the RC approach but will also provide a live demonstration and hands-on experience for the participants.


Min-Min Liang graduated from National Taiwan University in Taiwan with a bachelor’s degree in Chinese Literature and received a master’s degree in Chinese Literature from Harvard University. She has been a Chinese language instructor in the Global Studies and Languages Department at MIT since 2000. Her primary pedagogical interest is classroom teaching.


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