Chinese Subject Test: Developing Listening, Reading, and Critical Thinking Skills


This webinar session focuses on developing Chinese language learners’ listening, reading and critical thinking skills. Developing these skills is not only critical for taking the Chinese Subject Test (SAT II Chinese Test), but also is essential for advancing students’  language proficiency. In this webinar,  in addition to the format of Chinese SAT II, Dr. Yeh will introduce various strategies to enhance listening and reading skills by designing effective material and activities. She will also demonstrate the inductive pedagogical approach to teach grammar that cultivates students’ critical thinking skill.


Meng Yeh is Associate Director and Coordinator of the Chinese Program in the Center for Languages and Intercultural Communication at Rice University. Served on the board  for CLTA,  SAT Chinese Committee as the chair, she currently serves on AP Chinese Language and Culture Committee. As a certified tester, she conducts and evaluates  oral interviews for ACTFL.


Content Will Expire October 31, 2017

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