Chinese Class Can Be Exciting and Culturally Enriching


It is almost a universal phenomenon for all Chinese programs that the number of students declines progressively with advancement of levels. However, the case with Shuangshuang Chinese language program is a rare exception. The number of her students increases in a reversed pyramid manner, growing progressively larger and larger towards the top. Furthermore, ever since the start of AP Chinese Test, every one of her students, who took the test, unexceptionally got the perfect score of 5! This presentation reveals for us the secret behind all this! Shuangshuang Wang, the presenter, is to explain systematically and in detail the different steps of how all this is achieved:

  1. At the Lower grades: Concentrating on fostering interest and love for Chinese through Rhyming Texts, Engaging Interactive Activities, and Vivid Colorful Illustrations
  2. From Middle Grades Up: To challenge and satisfy with the profound Chinese culture the thirst and curiosity of students at this age to discover and learning new knowledge.
  3. Attach great importance from the very beginning to writing and teach different genres of writing at different stages as a means to consolidate transform the language students learned into language proficiency.


Shuangshuang Wang graduated from Beijing University with a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy. She is the founder & principal of Shuang Shuang Chinese School in CA since 1997.  She created a set of twenty Chinese textbooks “New Chinese Language and Culture Course” (新双双中文) for the curriculum of her school. Prior to that, she was the researcher of Beijing Social Science Academy and was a visiting scholar at Munich University of Germany studying Comparative Analysis of Eastern & Western Cultures.


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