Building and Growing Chinese Language Programs


Regardless the size of an existing or new Chinese program, there are key components in planning which impact the chances for success. This webinar focuses on the external and internal structures that create a solid foundation for sustaining a program. Using examples from Utah’s large-scale Chinese Dual Language Immersion Program built according to a state model over the past 7 years, contrasted with a small charter school FLES program, discussion will center around challenges and solutions in building structures, systems, and staffing support that result in strong programs.


Stacy Lyon 连芯玫 is Utah State Office of Education Chinese Dual Language Immersion Director, overseeing K-6 Dual Language Immersion Programs in 33 elementary schools across Utah. Former charter school World Language Director for Arabic, Chinese, and Spanish K-9 FLES program. Initiated and developed K-9 Chinese courses and taught for 7 years at the same institution. Served on two Utah Chinese Curriculum Advisory Councils, and is currently historian for the Utah Foreign Language Association.


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