AP Exam Review and New Strategies for AP Class (Part 1)


In this webinar session, audience will  examine the results of the 2014 AP Chinese Language and Culture Exam with the Chief Reader Richard Chi. The most challenging exam topics and questions, as shown by student performance, are identified, discussed and analyzed. The attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the underlying principles of the three modes of communication as exemplified by the exam items, which will enable them to develop strategies aimed at helping their students enhance their interpersonal, interpretive and presentational skills. The presenter will assist the participants in developing strategies for implementing best practices in their own classrooms to address the challenging tasks on the exam.


T. Richard Chi received his Ph.D. of  Linguistics from UCLA. He is  Professor of Chinese language and linguistics in the Department of Languages and Literature at t University of Utah. He has been a teacher of Chinese language, culture and linguistics for over 25 years. His research areas include curriculum and assessment design, language learning strategies, teaching Chinese as a second language and applied linguistics. He currently serves on the AP Chinese Language and Culture Exam College Board as AP Chief Reader.


Content Will Expire September 30, 2017

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