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You may have noticed that we switched name from Nan Hai USA to iChineseEdu. Yes, iChineseEdu is currently the umbrella for all the educational functions and obligations of Nan Hai USA. iChineseEdu not only defines more accurately our core value as a Chinese language educational institution, but also identifies our mission and commitment as a Chinese language educational institution of the emerging mobile and cloud age.

Since its inception in 1986, Nan Hai USA has always been actively engaged in the promotion of Chinese language education. Our endeavors included:

  • Establishment in 1993 of Chinese Language Education and Research Center (CLERC) to utilize both China and US educational resources for the advancement of Chinese Language Education.
  • Launching in 1996 of the annual Chinese Language Education Forum (CLEF) for the international Chinese language educational community to exchange research findings and teaching experiences and to explore problems and trends.
  • Setting up in 1997 of Nan Hai Books, the largest Chinese language education resource hub, to select, evaluate and make available to the teaching community the best course materials and reference books from all over the world.
  • Initiation of Nan Hai Press in 2012 to publish and co-publish works by local authors, such as “Chinese Language & Culture Textbook Series”, “AP Chinese Language & Culture Test: Simulated Tests” and “iChineseReader”.

The past three decades since the establishment of Nan Hai have witnessed biggest ever headways in the development of Chinese language education in the US. Chinese language has grown from a minor less commonly taught language, offered by districts that could be counted on one’s fingers, to be among the most commonly taught languages and even listed as one of the subjects covered in SAT and AP tests. It is now popularly considered as one of the basic 21st Century survival skills.

The impact of major technology advancements in the field of education is felt keenly in the field of Chinese language learning as well. Paperless textbooks, digital learning, flipped classes, artificial intelligence and big data based instructions call for fundamental matching innovations in pedagogies, classroom management, instruction and course materials.

The fast increasing demands reinforced by the ever-changing new teaching environment pose both fundamental challenges and promises. The mission of iChineseEdu is to work together with you to turn the challenges into opportunities, and bring about an ever brighter and promising future in US Chinese language education!

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